Behind the Scenes – Veb Italia: Travel S01E01 – Finale Ligure

Welcome to our Behind the Scenes special with a lot of interesting information of the upcoming episode of Veb Italia. Please let us know if you like this journey behind the scenes of our ORIGINAL production.

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  • 11.09.2022 12:42

    For additional picture material we used our common sources such as @Wikipedia & it's content deliverers and @Flickr. Wikipedia also delivers more historic background information as well as the website of the city of #FinaleLigure We also want to Thank you for your CC commitment.

  • 11.09.2022 12:41

    For the music we worked with songs of @FSM_Team (@thenakarada), @Jamendo (@cantodinizio) and @kmacleod. We want to give a huge Thank you to all named composers and platforms who provide their music under Creative Commons.

  • 11.09.2022 12:40

    This production also needs music and additional third party material to underline details. For us it's important the third party materials in our productions is under

    @creativecommons license and step by step we start to publish content under CC as well.

  • 11.09.2022 12:15

    The work with the manually adjusted color correction & denoising filters took more than 20 hours of post production time to get the result you will see on Friday evening.

  • 11.09.2022 12:14

    The video/photo material for this episode was shot with an iPhone 5s, without image stabilization. Therefore, for the 1st time, we not only used software-based image stabilization, but also combined it with manually adjusted color correction & denoising filters for videos/photos.

  • 05.09.2022 08:00

    When did we start the post production?

    The post production started in 2021, with a 6 months interruption for script writing, we continued the post production in July 2022. The finale steps are happening in these days and the final preparations for publication are starting.

  • 04.09.2022 21:51

    How complex was the filming in Finale Ligure? With a good train connection from Milan & Genoa it's easy to come to Finale Ligure. The people in the city are very friendly and the filming was not as complex as on other locations and easy to process. #VebItalia #FinaleLigure #Italy

  • 04.09.2022 21:50

    When did we made the decision for a single episode? The decision for a single episode was made in 2021 and the decision to make it part of an Italian production brand was made in early 2022. #VebItalia #FinaleLigure #Italy #Italia

  • 04.09.2022 21:49

    Why did we waited so long to publish this episode? For a long time we where not sure how we want to use the small amount of filmed content. Over the years we had different ideas from a single episode to a combined episode with other places in Europe. #VebItalia #FinaleLigure

  • 04.09.2022 21:48

    When did we film the content? Our production in Finale Ligure took place in October 2018 and was focused on Finale Marina. #VebItalia #FinaleLigure #Italy #Italia

  • 04.09.2022 14:13

    The pictures from 2006, 2015 and 2018 got adjustments in Brightness, contrast, saturation, depths and lights. The pictures were cut and pixelated at some points to secure the privacy of the people visible in the pictures.

  • 04.09.2022 14:12

    Since 2006 we have collected several materials from our visits in Italy. For Veb Italia we have spent a lot of time to bring this material to today's standards of quality. Only for the picture editing we spend more than 60 hours of work time.

  • 04.09.2022 14:11

    Why we call it Veb Italia? For Veb Italia we mixed Italian language with English. 'Veb' means: Vivace Eccitante Bella It's Italian for: Lively Exciting Beautiful Combined Veb Italia means: Vivace Eccitante Bella Italia in English: Lively Exciting Beautiful Italy #VebItalia #Italy

  • 04.09.2022 14:10

    How we construct the new brand names? The organization of our new brand names include a clear connection to the country that is covered by the brand. To make it international we mix home language with English. #VebItalia #Italy

  • 04.09.2022 14:09

    Veb Italia is our new brand to publish our Italy related content. With the upcoming premiere of our documentary about Finale Ligure we want to give you insides in the productions process. This thread will let you know about it. #VebItalia #FinaleLigure #Italia #Italy #BellaItalia