LC-EP23: Apple WWDC 2024

Tonight Apple will present it’s latest operating systems and AI features on the WWDC 2024.
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  • 14.06.2024 16:18

    These were the highlights and details of Apple's WWDC 2024.
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  • 14.06.2024 16:12

    Summary of new features Apple Intelligence
    - Apple gives the term "AI" a whole new meaning. Apple's "AI" is called "Apple Intelligence"
    - Apple Intelligence features are mainly executed on the iPhone. Only operations that exceed the capabilities of the iPhone are outsourced to the Apple Intelligence Cloud.
    - Data that is transferred to the Al-Cloud is fragmented in such a way that it can no longer be reconstructed by attackers. All data is encrypted end-to-end; if this is not possible for some data, it is anoymized. Once the calculation process in the AI cloud has been completed, the data in the cloud is deleted immediately
    - Devices do not talk to servers that do not support the LLM model on the Apple device
    - The Al-Cloud serves more as an extended RAM than a system that stores all data processed with Apple Intelligence.
    - The processes in the Al-Cloud all run in their own sandbox, just like apps on Apple devices. This means that attackers cannot access other data, even if they were to access the AI Cloud.
    - However, as no data is stored permanently anyway, it is currently very unlikely that attackers will be able to extract data from the AI-cloud.
    - There is also no loss of data when a server is reset, as no data is saved.
    - Apple administrators or other Apple employees also have no access to user data in the AI Cloud.

    - Private Cloud Compute is the name of the data centre infrastructure where Apple Intelligence runs. The servers there only run with Apple Silicon chips.
    - The technical implementation of the AI cloud is based on a standard that is open and can be inspected. This ensures that security researchers can check the security of the AI cloud.
    - Apple Intelligence should focus entirely on the person who owns the device and improve and expand the use of the device.
    - The Large Language Module only knows the information about you that is stored on the device and can therefore react in a very personalized way. This data does not leave the device.
    - Apple Intelligence knows the personal information without having to collect it beforehand.
    - Apple Intelligence is therefore deeply integrated into the new operating systems and therefore also into the standard apps. AI frameworks allow third-party app developers to integrate these features into their app as well
    - Apple Intelligence is coming to all operating systems (iOS, iPadOS, MacOS)
    - To be able to use Apple Intelligence, devices must have at least the A17Pro or an M1, M2, M3 or M4 chip. This means that the iPhone 15Pro is the minimum requirement for Apple Intelligence

    - Does not work across devices for the time for now
    - Siri can then search for specific photos by description, for example.
    - Contacts that are not yet in the address book can be saved directly via voice command, e.g. if you are currently writing to this person.
    - Apple Intelligence can, for example, retrieve pre-drawn illustrations as a basis for converting them into an image.
    - Apple Intelligence can also generate images like DALL-E.
    - The new features of the Photos app are also supported by Apple Intelligence.
    - Siri can also use AI to search for information from emails or chat traffic, for example, such as when someone you want to pick up is arriving at the airport.
    - The Apple Intelligence writing assistant for texts can write texts in the same voice tone or expression as the device owner.
    - Functions that Apple Intelligence cannot perform can be forwarded to the integrated version of ChatGPT-4o from OpenAI.
    - Forwarding to ChatGPT-4o must be activated manually and also confirmed.
    - The use of ChatGPT-4o is free of charge and does not require an Open AI Premium Account.
    - The data sent to ChatGPT-4o is anonymized and cannot be assigned to any individual. According to Apple, data protection is therefore guaranteed.
    - Predefined actions for sorting data are preconfigured and can be used.
    - Siri can fill out forms automatically (e.g. attach documents stored on the iPhone such as ID cards or use their data to fill out the form)
    - Siri has on-screen awareness, which means it constantly evaluates what is happening on the screen and processes this data locally on the device.
    - Apple Intelligence will initially only be available in US English and not until the summer.
    - Expansion into other languages is not expected until 2025
    - Apple Intelligence will be free of charge.

    Apple Intelligence is AI the way you want it today. Fully encrypted and built on several levels. First, the AI is only executed on the device, if that is not enough, the Apple Intelligence Cloud will be used, if this is not enough, it will then go to the OpenAI Cloud (upon approval).

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  • 12.06.2024 18:45

    Summary of new features for MacOS
    - The new MacOS is called: MacOS Sequoia
    - New Writing features to re-write, summarize and improve text in e-mails
    - prioritize notifications on MacOS
    - Genmoji: new images to express yourself in conversations or to create giftcards are also coming to MacOS
    - New Memory movies in the photos app
    - Siri's text understanding will be improved making Siri more capable and helpful than ever
    - The strongest new feature in MacOS is iPhone Mirroring
    - The iPhone can now be controlled on the Mac. This makes it possible to use all apps on the Mac as if you were using them on the iPhone itself. This finally closes a gap in the ability to use apps on the Mac that were previously not available for MacOS.
    - iPhone notifications also come to the Mac. If you click on them, iPhone Mirroring opens immediately and you are shown the content or the app or message that triggered the notification
    - The best thing is that iPhone Mirroring is possible without unlocking the iPhone. Nobody has access to the iPhone during the entire mirroring process because the screen lock remains active
    - Drag & drop is also supported
    - In addition, there are improvements for computer games and major computer game houses have announced new games for this year that will also run on the Mac.
    - The Passwords app is also a must on MacOS

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  • 12.06.2024 18:30

    Summary of new features for the AirPods Pro
    - Better noise reduction
    - Better focus on the voice to give it an even better sound
    - New gestures. By nodding your head (up-down), you can now use Siri to agree with "Yes" and accept calls, for example, and shake your head (left-right) for "No" to reject them

  • 11.06.2024 20:32

    Many of these new features will not be able in the first beta versions of the systems but will come later this summer or next year. The developer beta is available by yesterday for Apple Developers, the public beta will be available in July.

  • 11.06.2024 20:30

    It will be possible to send iMessages via the satellite connection which was before only for emergency calls and SMS. iMessages will be supported now as well. This feature, as the whole satellite feature, continues to be free.

  • 11.06.2024 20:29

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  • 11.06.2024 20:28

    As always, functions that are presented in iOS and iPad are usually completely available and usable in both operating systems.

  • 11.06.2024 20:20

    Summary of new features for iOS
    - iOS 18 is compatible with all devices which could use iOS 17
    - Home Screen can be customized
    - Apps and Widgets rearrange based on your background picture
    - App icons can be rearranged freely at position on the home screen
    - Apps can be coloured to interact better with the background image. However, only one colour can be selected for all apps. This is also available for dark mode.
    - Major update for the control centre
    - There are now several control centre pages where you can display different settings and options on different pages
    - The icons on the lock screen (camera and flashlight) can now also be customized and changed by swiping
    - The new Photos app is coming here too.
    - Collections will now be arranged automatically
    - New display for Greatest Hits Pictures and the ability to swipe back and forth between different and customized photo collections
    - A CleanUp function can now remove unwanted elements or people in a photo to make it look better
    - App Locking and hidding apps is also coming to iOS
    - Live audio transcriptions are coming to the Notes app
    - The new calculator functions are also coming to the Notes app
    - The iCloud keychain is outsourced to a separate app called "Passwords" and becomes a fully-fledged password manager that can also be used with all third-party apps.
    - The Passwords app is available on iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, VisionOS and also on Windows via the iCloud app.
    - Better security for Bluetooth-connected devices
    - Also new design data protection settings
    - Images of people can now be mixed with event animations and so, for example, individual birthday cards can be created for someone
    - The new floating table bar is coming to Apple apps, which can be customized using drag & drop
    - InSight has also been added to the AppleTV app, where you can now see additional information such as actor names or music playing.
    - Music can be added directly to Apple Music from InSight
    - You can now also make currency conversions with the calculator
    - The calculator now also has a memory history
    - Phone calls can now be recorded directly in the phone app. The other person is informed that a recording is taking place and these recordings are also transcribed automatically.
    - Contacts are displayed directly when you dial a number to help you find a contact if you no longer know the exact number.
    - When the side buttons are pressed, a small bump is animated into the display
    - You can now hide the app names on the home screen
    - Contacts can now be shared individually with apps. It is no longer necessary to share the entire address book with an app.
    - Tasks from the Reminders app are now integrated into the corresponding calendar entries

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  • 11.06.2024 20:08

    Summary of new features for iPadOS

    - iPadOS is compatible with all iPads that can use iPadOS17
    - The calculator finally comes to the iPad
    - Math Notes comes as a new feature in the calculator
    - You can use the Apple Pencil to write down formulas and calculations by hand. When you write the equals sign, the formula is automatically calculated and the result is displayed.
    - Subsequent changes to the calculation and formulas also ensure that the result is automatically updated.
    - Handwriting can be improved to make it more legible
    - Text can be moved to add new text in between
    - Crossing out text automatically deletes it
    - Text can be automatically converted into your own handwriting
    - Siri now shows summaries of the sent message for notifications
    - In Freeform you can share notes better and limit the authorization groups better
    - Simpler diagrams
    - Apps can now be locked, if you give the device to other people, you can prevent them from accessing the app
    - Apps can also be completely hidden
    - Photos app has also been completely revised here
    - Photos are reorganized and better categorized
    - It is now possible to group groups of people in photos
    - Overview of privacy and security settings has been improved

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  • 11.06.2024 19:53

    Summary of new features for watchOS

    - New overview of sports achievements
    - More new home screens
    - Sport rings can be paused if you are ill, for example

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  • 11.06.2024 19:50

    The Apple VisionPro will now also be available internationally.

    From June 28 in China, Japan and Singapore

    From July 12 in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the UK
    Starting price in Germany at 3 999 Euro.

  • 11.06.2024 19:47

    Summary of new features for visionOS 2

    - 2D images and videos can be converted to 3D Spacial Computing images and videos
    - The Mac Virtual Display can now be virtualized as a widescreen on the VisionPro
    - Home screen in VisionOS can be arranged better
    - Easier gesture navigation with simple taps to access the Control Center
    - SharePlay support for photos, videos and panoramas
    - Redesigned Photos app
    - Train support allows you to work with multiple apps simultaneously while traveling

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  • 10.06.2024 10:32

    Welcome to our Live Coverage of the Apple WWDC 2024.

    Due to illness this live coverage was delayed and published over several days. We still hope the information will help you and give you an detailed overview above the latest features coming to Apples operating systems.